16" Glow Cube - Rechargeable

16" Glow Cube - Rechargeable

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Glows any color out of the box

Includes LED lighting system, remote control, and wall plug.

Battery will average over 11 hours of glow time depending on useage and takes about 3 hours to recharge.

The wireless remote will let you choose from 20 solid color shades, 3 color jump, 7 color jump, 3 color fade or 7 color fade. For hard to match colors you can use the memory program feature to fine tune.

Our 16" cube is the perfect multi use light cube. The size allows for optimal pricing, a strong design, and easy transport. These are the perfect size for rental companies looking for frequently set up lighted furniture events. Also, the added strength of the 16" cube can withstand impacts or someone sitting down on them, better than the slightly larger versions. If you plan to move your light up cubes a lot this is the one for you.

This is solid cast acrylic that will last a lifetime and will not yellow over time. It has a high gloss finish with a smooth reflective white surface.

Always remember that we are the manufacturer. We build glowing cubes to any size, shape, or dimensions without an upcharge in most instances (excluding materials). We can brand these products with your organization's logos and graphics in house.

Optional carry/transport case for this cube that can be purchased by clicking here.

Additional SLA 12v 7a reserve batteries can be purchased by visiting the accessories page.

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