Custom Work

How to get a custom build quote 

1. Draw your item.

*You can do this on paper, computer, or even a napkin. This helps us understand what you are talking about.

2. Put dimensions on your drawings.

*At the very minimum list the length, width, and height. If you don't know for sure then please approximate. Drawings take our time so we ask that you provide good information first.

3. Please explain if it needs to run on battery, wall plug, or both. 

4. Will this be installed permanently or transported frequently? 

5. A brief description would be great that explains lighting options you want and any other important features.

6. E mail this information to




We are fully equipped to handle and process acrylics, woods, and metals.

We Can

  • CNC, laser etch, MIG & TIG weld.
  • Work with your architect or design agency to specification.
  • Handle aluminum, solid surface, acrylic, and wood.
  • Rapid prototype, design, and produce your item.

We Have

  • Designed restaurant and club interiors
  • Shipped items worldwide
  • Provided products for TV, Movies, and Media
  • Created bars and displays for liquor companies
  • Helped hundreds of bars focus alcohol sales



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