24'' Glow Cube - Rechargeable

24'' Glow Cube - Rechargeable

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Glows any color out of the box

Includes full color led cube, wall plug, and remote control.

Battery averages 5 hours of glow time between charges. 

Remote control lets you choose from 20 static color shades, three color jump, seven color jump, strobe, three color or seven color fade, and more. For hard to match colors you can use the memory program feature to fine tune shades.

Our 24'' light up cube tables are great as nightclub furniture, branded tradeshow tables, poolside patio tables, and much more. We recommend these for people who are serious about their events. Constructed with thick acrylic this table's presence commands attention. This is not cheap plastic but solid acrylic throughout; strong and heavy.

Stack two or more side by side or on top of each other to form different table and display configurations.

This is solid cast acrylic that will last a lifetime and will not yellow over time. It has a high gloss finish with a smooth reflective white surface.

Always remember that we are the manufacturer. This means we build these to any size, shape, or custom dimensions you have without an upcharge (excluding materials). We can brand these products with your organizations logos and graphics in house. 

**Additional back up batteries can be purchased on our accessories page.

**Bulk discounts available (see bulk discounts tab or auto calculate in checkout)

**Custom branding and etching available (contact for details)

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