Arch Display - Salvage

Arch Display - Salvage

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Arch Display

Includes 1 arch display, 1 plug, 1 remote.

*Sold Out

These are Arch displays made from cut off sections and there are only two available. After sold this item will be removed. You may buy one unit

Depth - 8 1/2"

Height - 8 1/2"

Length - 24"

Full color item. Glows any color with touch of remote. Has flashy color programs, brightness, strobe, and speed change controls.

3 Day Return Warranty - No questions ask. Some of our salvaged cupcake stands may have imperfections hard to show with camera. If your unsatisfied notify us within 3 days that you wish to return and item. You must contact us first and notify within 3 days of delivery your location. (Shipping is responsibility of customer - please see our policies concerning returns)