Color Cube LED Dancing Stage

Color Cube LED Dancing Stage

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Ready to glow any color out of the box

Dad: This stage may be a cube, but if you're dancin' on it, you're anything but square!

 Monster 36" x 36" x your choice of height dancing cubes, designed to take abuse, ready to party with you.  These are extremely heavy duty, with the weight to prove it - if you're transporting them between events they take two people to move.



  • Two-zone lighting for lots of fun color combinations.  Multiple cubes placed adjacently provide even more color possibilities
  • 5 height options - pick the best one for your needs or get a variety!
  • Ultra thick, 3/4" white acrylic dance surface supported by 1/2" thick exterior walls and a central, internal column ensure this stage can take any amount of dancers that care to climb on it 
  • Solid, pure cast white acrylic with a high gloss finish - will last a lifetime and never age, dull, or yellow
  • Wall plug for continuous operation
  • Optional battery & charger upgrade will ensure your cube has no wires running to it to be possibly tripped by or for in locations where plugging it in isn't an option.  Each battery will provide approximately 5 hrs of illumination.  Additional batteries can be purchased on our accessories page to swap out if your event will be an extra long one  
  • Battery compartment underneath the stage, whether you want the battery upgrade now or if you'd like the option to choose it in the future
  • Chrome screw-in adjuster feet take the wobble out on uneven floors
  • Clear, anti-slip grip coating applied on the top dance surface 
  • Ships in a sturdy, reusable wooden crate

Your display will come with a remote control to easily select from a broad range of solid light-up colors, including a DIY option to design and fine-tune any color of your choice.  Adjust the brightness to the level that suits you or your space.  Dynamic light-up options include Jump or Fade, which will keep your display colors jumping or fading between either 3- or 7-different colors, faster or slower, your choice of speed rate.  And two color zones mean twice the fun! Dual lighting controls allow you to change the center square independently of the outside section.



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These 36x36x12 solid cast acrylic cubes are built to take a little more abuse than your average dance stage. Thick 3/4" acrylic lines the top with adjustable height stem glides on the bottom. Interior column support strengthens the top section giving it a 400 lb weight capacity. Underneath you'll find a recessed compartment for our optional SLA rechargeable batteries. Just strap them in for events where plugs are not an option or just use the included wall plug for continuous operation.

These cubes feature dual lighting controls allowing you to change the center square independently of the outside section. This allows you to create hundreds of color visualizations on demand. Static shades, rotating color jumps, fading color jumps, brightness control, pattern speed, and even a DIY RGB color mix function allow you to achieve virtually any color combination desired at your event.

Put your dancers on our light up color cube stages and impress the crowd. Ships in a reusable custom built wooden freight case. When ordering in volume please list a commercial address to avoid any residential delivery fees.

Choose the optional 12v 9a battery upgrade option to run your stage with no wires for up to 5 hours per charge. This upgrade includes your battery, charger, and adapter needed for operation.

This is solid cast acrylic that will last a lifetime and will not yellow over time. It has a high gloss finish with a smooth reflective white surface.

We are the manufacturer and can build these to any of your custom measurements.

Additional back up batteries can be purchased on our accessories page.

Bulk discounts available (see bulk discounts tab or auto calculate in checkout)

Custom branding and etching available (contact for details)

33 day warranty against manufacturers defects 99 day limited warranty against lighting defects