Da Vinci Lighted Vetruvian Man Art Panel

Da Vinci Lighted Vetruvian Man Art Panel

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Lights up any color or two color combination out of the box

Includes art panel, wall plug, and remote control

Our awesome dual panel lighted panels allow you to have two colors at once creating hundreds of stunning visuals. Use the remote to change either the "vetruvian man" or the "Art is never finished only abandoned" sections independently. You can put any section on static colors, flashing colors, gradual color rotations, strobe, and more.

The panels are created with nice thick heavy material. The clear acrylic is made from 3/8" thick stock and we weld the aluminum 2x1 frame in house. Fully assembled this unit weighs 68lbs.

We are the manufacturer and recreate this design with any vector based graphics you would like to supply.

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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects