Edge Lit Wall Shelf 1'

Edge Lit Wall Shelf 1'

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Lights up any color out of the box

Includes 12 inch edge lit wall shelf, wall plug, and remote control

*Optional right/left plug location upon request

*Optional slave unit extensions upon request

Light your place up in style with BarChefs edge lit LED shelves. You'll need to order brackets as well unless you have your own. 

Each edge lit shelf gives the appearance of regular clear glass or acrylic when turned off, but put the in the on position and each shelf will light up any color on demand. We make these in standard 1' increments up to 8', but you can custom order any sizes we do not offer online by contacting us direct.

When using the remote you'll have virtually and static color on demand. Additionally, you can choose one of the fun color changing patterns to really set the mood. Choose from 3 and 7 color jump, 3 and 7 color fade, strobe, or use the DIY function to individually RGB values to a specific color tone. The speed adjusment option will allow you to quicken or slow any of the color chaning patterns. Watch the video for more information.

When ordering online these shelves come standard with their own plug. You can request that we daisy chain these units in increments up to 16' maximum. For example, if you have a total of four 48" shelves in your cart, you could run all 4 on a single plug having one master unit and 3 slave units. When requesting this option individual shelves should be within 2' of each other. Just enter your requests in the notes section when checking out, but keep in mind slave units will no longer work without the master unit. If your confused feel free to contact us.


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