Fitness & Dance Poles

Fitness & Dance Poles

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Dancers, get your pole exercise on! 

Perfect accessory to go with our light up Stages

Choosing your pole:

  • Brass is gold-ish in color, Stainless Steel is silver.  Both options are highly polished and shiny
  • Ceiling Mounted poles go between your stage and the ceiling and are supported on either end
  • Free Standing poles stick up from your stage and are not supported at the top
  • Spinning poles have bearings that allow the pole to turn
  • Fixed (Static) poles do not spin 

How to order:

Ceiling Mount Poles (static or spinning)- At your location, standing where you want your pole to be installed, measure the distance between the floor and the ceiling.  Subtract the height of the stage you have selected (7", 14", 21", or custom) and enter this number in the text box above. Measurement to enter is the height from the top of the stage to the ceiling

example: Ground to ceiling measurement is ten feet.  You have selected a 14" tall stage.  Enter 106" (or 8' 10") in the box

Free-Standing Poles (static or spinning) - Enter how tall you want the pole to rise from the stage surface in the text box above.  Measurement to enter is the height from the top of the stage to the top of the pole

example: you are an adventurously climbing dancer and you would like a full ten feet of pole to exercise on while onstage.  Enter 10' in the box.  Note: Make sure the ceiling in your location can accommodate the pole height you enter - remember the stage height will be extra on top of this measurement


Dance Fitness Poles can also be known as Stripper Poles


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33 day warranty against manufacturer defects 1 year limited warranty against lighting defects