LED Block Light Wall Shelves

LED Block Light Wall Shelves

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Ready to glow any color out of the box

Keep your counters clear- put your bottle display on the wall!  It glows against gravity!!

The awesome BarChefs light up shelving system you love, but designed to hang on a wall.  Each purchase includes everything you need to mount in a typical drywall situation.  Other installations may require different mounting hardware that is not included.  Mounting your LED floating shelves is easy.  Securely attach the provided wood cleat directly to your wall.  Slide the shelving down onto the cleat and plug it in.  You're finished!  Cords can be ran directly into your drywall to be hidden or use the preset wire slot to run your cord straight down the wall to the nearest plug as pictured.

Bottle Display Features:

  • Perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or your home Man Cave or She Shed

  • Select the size that best fits your bottle display needs with your choice of 1 or 2 stepped tiers and length options of 2, 3, 4, or 8 feet.

  • Even LED lighting, creating a consistent glow across the display - no hot spots or dim zones

  • 4 1/2" deep steps, 3 1/2" high riser for each step

  • Solid, 1/4" thick, pure cast white acrylic with a high gloss finish- will last a lifetime and does not age, dull, or yellow

  • Easy-clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces make for quick clean ups

  • Wall Plug and wall-mounting cleat included

Your display will come with a remote control to easily select from a broad range of solid light-up colors, including a DIY option to design and fine-tune any color of your choice.  Adjust the brightness to the level that suits you or your space.  Dynamic light-up options include Jump or Fade, which will keep your display colors jumping or fading between either 3- or 7-different colors, faster or slower, your choice of speed rate.  And a strobe option is available for wild Halloween parties or if you want something to really catch people's attention!

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