LED Columns

LED Columns

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Portable, easy, and bright glowing columns of color

Perfect as display pedestals in an art gallery, elbow & document tables at a tradeshow, cocktail tables at a wedding!

Column features:

  • Height options of 32" (table height) or 42" (bar height) available
  • Optional Tops for the 15" x 15" columns, either square or circle, providing a larger table surface and an overhang.  Tops fit over the columns and fasten in to it with two screws (provided).  Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Column weights range from 29 lbs to 55 lbs 
  • Ships in a sturdy, padded, reusable wooden crate for transporting between events
  • Built from solid, heavy duty, 3/8" thick, pure cast white acrylic with a high gloss finish
  • Will not age or yellow with sun and time
  • Smooth, non-porous, easy clean surface
  • Included wireless remote control allows your choice of numerous colors or choose the DIY feature to fine tune your own.  Dynamically changing color programs included are 3- or 7-color jump, 3- or 7-color fade, or strobe.  Brightness and speed are fully customizable
  • Even LED lighting for a uniform glow throughout the column, with no hot spots or dull zones
  • Plug it in to a nearby wall outlet with the included power plug or add the optional rechargeable battery (charger included) allowing for a wire-free environment.  Typical battery life is around 5-8 hrs and it takes approximately 2 hrs to recharge.  Buy an additional battery to swap out and keep things glowing non-stop!
  • Adjustable screw-in feet to allow for leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Multiple columns allow for a variety of configurations
  • Volume discount for purchase in quantity

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