LED Light Up Bottle Displays Multi-Sided

LED Light Up Bottle Displays Multi-Sided

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Includes remote control, wall plug, and full color LED bottle display.

Two, Three, or Four sides, oh my! 

Multi-Side Bottle Display Features:

  • Perfect for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or your home Man Cave or She Shed
  • Select the size that best fits your bottle display needs with your choice of 2, 3, or 4 stepped tiers, 2, 3, or 4 "front" facing sides and length options by the foot, including customization ability to exactly fit it to your space
  • Shelves and risers are 5" - deep enough for bigger liquor bottles.  Your choice of Single-Wide (5") or Double-Wide (10") top tier.
  • Even LED lighting, creating a consistent glow across the display - no hot spots or dim zones
  • Solid, pure cast white acrylic with a high gloss finish- will last a lifetime and never age, dull, or yellow
  • Choice of Full Color or Black Riser display - two very different looks
  • Black Riser displays have high gloss black acrylic ends and laminates over the white risers (step fronts), which provide a dark backdrop behind your bottles and focus the light up through the step they sit on 
  • Easy-clean, smooth, non-porous surfaces make for quick clean ups
  • Wall Plug included 

Your display will come with a remote control to easily select from a broad range of solid light-up colors, including a DIY option to design and fine-tune any color of your choice.  Adjust the brightness to the level that suits you or your space.  Dynamic light-up options include Jump or Fade, which will keep your display colors jumping or fading between either 3- or 7-different colors, faster or slower, your choice of speed rate.  And a strobe option is available for wild Halloween parties or if you want something to really catch people's attention!


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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects