Light up Chess Checkers Ping Pong Multi-Game Set

Light up Chess Checkers Ping Pong Multi-Game Set

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Lights up and converts from Chess to Checkers to Ping Pong out of the box


Includes (2) 46x46 light up tables with removable legs and casters, (1) LED ping pong net, (2) removable chess and checkers conversion tops, (1) Set Giant chess game pieces, (1) Set Giant checkers game pieces, (2) plugs, and (2) remotes

The kings of light up gaming have done it again with our light up multi-game chess, checkers, and ping pong sets. The set includes all game parts and items necessary for you to play all three games out of the box. The table sections connect to form an awesome 92 x 46 LED pong table, or you can keep them separate and use as two fun rolling light up tables. Take the chess/checkers conversion tops and put them in place to have the ultimate light up checkers and/or chess games going at the same time. The conversion tops are made with the same translucent cast acrylic to allow lighting of the game surface.

Use the remote control to make your tables glow any color. Set team colors, or use one of the many flashing combination programs to really draw attention. Be sure to watch the demonstration video for more information.

The giant chess and checkers game parts are made of durable plastic that will not break when you drop them on the floor.

This is solid cast acrylic that will last a lifetime and will not yellow with age. It has a high gloss finish with a smooth reflective white surface.

Remember we are the manufacturer and can build these to any of your custom measurements.

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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects 1 year limited warranty on lighting and electronics