Light Up Floating Wall Shelf 36''

Light Up Floating Wall Shelf 36''

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Lights up any color out of the box

Includes wall mount cleat, mounting screws, remote control, wall plug, and full color lighted floating wall shelf

The awesome BarChefs light up shelving system you love, but designed to hang on a wall. Each purchase includes everything you need to mount in  typical drywall installation. Other installations may require different mounting hardware that is not included. Mounting your LED floating shelves is a breeze. Securely attach the provided wood clean directly to your wall. Slide the shelving down onto the cleat and plug it in. Your finished. Cords can be ran directly into your drywall or use the preset wire slot to run your cord straight down the wall to the nearest plug.

The perfect accent in homes, nightclubs, retail stores, and so much more! Use them anywhere you like. Even better, all shelves operate on a universal remote control system. This means you can mix and match different lengths and change them all different colors with just one remote. Change the look of your entire location in sections with the push of a button.

The wireless remote will let you choose from 20 solid color shades, 3 color jump, 7 color jump, 3 color fade or 7 color fade. For hard to match colors you can use the memory program feature to fine tune. Constructed with 100% sign grade acrylic for great looks even when you turn the lights off. Also, our acrylic displays will never yellow in the sunlight!

We are the manufacturer. This means we build these to any size, shape, length, or custom dimensions you have. We can brand these products with your orginazations logos and graphics in house. 

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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects