Light Up High Boy Table 30" Round

Light Up High Boy Table 30" Round

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Lights Up any Color

Includes full color Table/Column, Remote Control, and Wall Plug

*optional rechargeable battery and charger can be added in checkout

Our futuristic tables will really set the mood at your next party. Each table lights up virtually any color shade or has the ability to flash and fade through a variety of colors using your remote. You can even run these tables on an optional rechargeable battery for wireless operation if there are no plugs in the area. At just 30lbs it's very easy to move. Most of the weight is in the base of the table.


While this table is not indestructable it has been crafted to withstand damage in all the areas that count. It's base is made with thick 3/4" thick acrylic and has rubber feet underneath. The table is very difficult to knock over as well with it's heavy 23" base. The high grade cast acrylic will never yellow in the sunlight and the lights are rated at 50,000 hours of lifetime. This table will last a lifetime.


This table is perfect for professionals who move from event to event. The table's top can be removed with just 4 screws making it much easier to transport. This also allows you to have interchangeable tops. As an example you could have 30" tops at one event then switch out to the 24" tops for the next (Coming Soon)!



  • Interchangeable table tops in any shapes and sizes

  • Can be personalized or branded with your message or company logo

  • Convert to columns, high boys, buffett, and numerous other light up tables with one product

  • Custom tables sizes and shapes available by special order


These tables are sold without batteries and chargers included, as some people just plan to keep these plugged in. However, just add the battery and charger at checkout or buy them at a later date if desired for wireless operation.

Each unit includes a wireless remote that will allow your table to light up virtually any color. Just push the color you desire. Also, 3 and 7 color flash, 3 and 7 color jump, and strobe, are pattern options. You can adjust brightness and pattern speeds too. For thos hard to match color themed events you can fine tune the exact color using the remote's DIY feature.

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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects