Light Up Wall Mount Mirror Shelf

Light Up Wall Mount Mirror Shelf

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Mirror might be mighty glowy, I shelf you not.

Now, who is the fairest?

What's better than one bottle of liquor? - Two of 'em!  Double your collection with these beautiful, mirrored shelf units, and brighten up your glum with some...glowm(?). 

Vibrant, glowing colors at the push of a button.  Choose from a wide selection with the included remote control or try out the DIY color feature to fine tune any color just to your liking.  Then adjust your brightness level to somewhere between "Is it on?" and, "I can't look at it!"  Additional control options include 3- or 7-color changing options, with speed control and choice of fading between or jumping from color to color.  LEDs are Extremely low energy and long-lasting.

Securely wall mount it with our enclosed wooden cleat.  Level and attach the cleat to your wall studs just below where you would like the top of your mirror shelf to be.  Pop the unit over the cleat and let the weight of it slide down and latch on the cleat.  That's it!  Then plug it in with the enclosed wall plug at your nearest electrical socket and light.It.UP! 

The solid cast, pure white acrylic design will never age, dull, or yellow in the sunlight and has a smooth, high gloss appearance with the lights on or off.  Surfaces are easy to wipe clean.

Two sizes to choose from.  Both units are 5-1/2" deep.


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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects