Modular Light Up Box Shelving, Solid Back - 6 Pack

Modular Light Up Box Shelving, Solid Back - 6 Pack

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Lights up any color out of the box 

Includes 6 modular light up box shelves, 5 daisy chain power connectors, 6 remote controls, and 1 12v 6a wall plug

These awesome light up box style shelves are stackable, modular, brandable, and beatiful. Put them in literally any combination you can dream of. Run them all with just one plug using the convenient daisy chain connections. Each unit can change to any color in the rainbow or you can change them all together. Watch the video demonstration for more information on the lighting options. Light up your walls with something unique and get a set of our LED modular box shelves today.

The LED shelves are 16x16x8 on the outside and the inside section is 10x10x8. For a detailed specifications sheet find it in the photos sections.

Always remember that we are the manufacturer. We build our lighted modular shelves to any size or shape just contact us for more information on customizing.



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33 day warranty on manufacturer defects