Modular Light Up Square Shelves, Open Back - 3 Pack

Modular Light Up Square Shelves, Open Back - 3 Pack

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Lights up any color out of the box 

Includes three modular light up square shelves, 3 remote controls, 2 daisy chain connectors, and 1 12v 6a plug

Stacks, piggy backs, and looks plain awesome. These 16x16x8 modular shelves will add lots of excitement to your home's decor. The solid cast acrylic design looks beatiful on or off. When off it has a high gloss smooth white surface. When on the LED modular block will take on the color of whatever light mode you have it set too. The remote allows you to change it to any static color or use it in one of the color change programs to set the mood. Be sure to watch the demonstration video on all of this shelves lighting features.

The piggy back style wiring feature allows you to run up to 6 units on a single cord. 

Always remember that we are the manufacturer. We build glowing shelves to any size, shape, or dimensions without an upcharge in most instances (excluding materials). We can brand these products with your orginazations logos and graphics in house. 

Looks great branded as well. Contact us for pricing.


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33 day warranty on manufacturer defects