PRO LED Light Up Shelf, 48" 2 Tier Bottle Display

PRO LED Light Up Shelf, 48" 2 Tier Bottle Display

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Includes remote control, wall plug, and full color LED bottle display.

BarChefs Pro Series displays have the same great look as our standard LED Bottle stands but feature larger 5"x5" steps and twice the lighting.

The wireless remote will let you choose from 20 solid color shades, 3 color jump, 7 color jump, 3 color fade or 7 color fade. For hard to match colors you can use the memory program feature to fine tune.

BarChef's 48'' 2 tier Pro Series displays are perfect for professional use in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Always remember that we are the manufacturer. This means we build these to any size, shape, or custom dimensions you have. We can brand these products with your orginazations logos and graphics in house. 

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