Rubik's Cube LED Table Addressable

Rubik's Cube LED Table Addressable

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Lights up any color out of the box

Includes rubik's cube table with addressable LED system, remote control, and wall plug.

*Optional rechargeable battery and charger upgrade

As if our first version was not cool enough we had to raise the bar yet again. This version of our rubik's cube table features addressable compartments with fully backed sections for vivacious color shows. Use the battery option when cordless operation is needed. This cube appears solid high gloss when off but when you kick the lights on be ready for the color show. Choose solid colors, rainbow fades, sparkles, and much more. On the bottom you'll find height adjustable stem glides for protecting the floor and leveling the unit on uneven surfaces. Flip it over to access the rechargeable batter compartment underneath for 3-4 hours of cord free operation. Be sure to watch the video demonstration for more information.

Additional back up batteries can be purchased on our accessories page.

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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects