White Retail Box Table | 48x42x32

White Retail Box Table | 48x42x32

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White Retail Style Box Table with Lights

Includes aluminum framed 48x42x32 table with translucent acrylic top and opaque side panels

*Optional RGB Full color lighting

The party rental and event solution kings have the perfect portable event tables. Not just a thrown together collection of snap together metal extrusions. Our units are built to last. These are solid welded 1x1 and 1x2 aluminum tube frames built in house with solid aluminum tracking for your panels. Most people are transporting this type of event table to and from events and we have designed this unit to be tougher and not fall apart. The panels are removeable as well so if you ever decide to swap your panels for different colors, materials, or even if you break one then switching any panel from to to sides takes seconds. The bottom of every unit has height adjustable stem glides for uneven surfaces. We thought of everything that our most demanding party rental companies desire. 

This table comes standard with bright white LED lighting. Just plug up it and it will shine bright. Choose the RGB full lighting upgrade if you would like to change the colors of the top surface. The table's side panels are specifically designed on this model to be solid and not allow lighting to show through focusing all attention to the top.

Each unit weighs 90lbs with all panels installed.

These tables can be branded using a variety of options. Contact us for details. 

Available in custom sizes



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33 day warranty against manufacturers defects 6 month limited warranty against manufacturers defects