Rechargeable Ceiling Sign

Rechargeable Ceiling Sign

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Glows any color out of the box

Includes hanging two sided ceiling sign, wall plug, and remote control

  • Optional rechargeable battery and charger for wireless operation up to 24 hours

  • Optional adaptor plates allows sign to mount sideways on any wall

The most verstale light up sign on the market. This sign can mount on the ceiling using it's included eyelet hooks, sideways on a wall with it's wall mount adaptor plate, or flat on a table. Also, it can run without electricity for up to 24 hours on it's rechargeable battery. It does all this while glowing any color!

  • Modern anodized aluminum base design
  • Glows any color to match a theme
  • Additional sign panels only $55 allow you to change messages in seconds
  • Works with wall plugs too
  • Remove the hanging eyelets and stand up as a table sign

Download your desired graphics or message in checkout. If you don't have one just email what you would like your sign to say after purchase and we'll do the artwork for free!  

To order additional sign panels see our product listing for "Ceiling sign inserts" under the signs category

Remote control allows your hanging rechargeable sign to glow any color. It comes with 20 preset colors and lots of programs that allow you to strobe, change colors, adjust brightness, adjust pattern speeds, and fine tune hard to match color shades. Check out the demonstration video below to see on in action.

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33 Day warranty against manufacturer defects