Slow Charger - 10 Cell NiMH Battery Charger

Slow Charger - 10 Cell NiMH Battery Charger

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BarChefs offers either slow or fast chargers for our batteries. Slow chargers can lengthen battery life span and maintain the charge with a slow trickle while fast chargers require less dead time between useage.

Typical Charge Times:

1000   ma =  2 hours

5000   ma =  6 hours

10000 ma = 12 hours


NiMH/Nicad Peak Charger 7-10 cell (8.4-12v), 115/240vac input.
-Microprocessor controlled negative delta peak detection circuit
-115/240vac input
-Automatically senses pack voltage

-Red/green LED charge indicator lights

-Charge rate 700mA

-Automatic trickle charge mode: 100ma

-Charges all 10 pack NiMH batteries sold by for use in BarChefs brand products

Weight: 6oz